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who we are


I am often asked what my name is short for or where it comes from. I wish I had an interesting response! But my parents just plucked it out of thin air. So, I am Nandy. I am a wife, mum and grandy to almost 10 gorgeous littlies. I have 4 beautiful daughters. Two of them I’ve been lucky enough to help plan their weddings at home, and was even able to be their celebrant! I love seeing our kitchen table filled with people enjoying great food and each other’s company.


I love to run, hike and to travel. I have a soft spot for East Timor and am involved in many projects in this tiny developing country. I highly recommend you visit! Shopping and G&T’s are also a small weakness of mine…

Actually, perhaps maybe a big weakness.


I fell in love many years ago and he is still my best mate. I think that marriage is something that should be celebrated like crazy and held in the highest regard.  I love that I get to work with my fabulous daughter.  



My favourite things are my fabulous husband and our three little people who complete us.

We have a large extended family and we love spending time with them. I love coffee, long chats, black and white photos and long dinners with friends.  


Warm weather makes me happy and I tend to want to hibernate during the winter! I think that falling in love is magical but relationships need plenty of hard work and laughter and the ability to constantly reflect and adjust. When it comes to marriage I love to know the mechanics of how a couple works and love that people are so eager to commit. I am also a primary school teacher.

You can see/ hear me in action here and here


Did I mention I love coffee? Oh, and I love being able to work with my beautiful and talented mum!

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