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what we do

We meet

It can be difficult choosing a celebrant and our first advice is let’s catch up for a chat. We would love to hear your thoughts and desires for your wedding day. This time also gives you an opportunity to see if our personality fits and our ideas are what you have in mind.  This is a ‘no obligation’ meeting.

If you choose one of us as your celebrant, we can meet as many times as needed and we’re on call right up until the wedding. 

Coffees, emails and phone calls are all a part of the process that lead up to creating your ceremony. We have a wealth of ceremony ideas, wedding information, books and  readings that we would love to share with you.

We help you create your wedding ceremony

We design, with you, a unique and personal ceremony which reflects you as a couple and tells your story.

A wedding ceremony is a story which tells the past, celebrates the present and looks forward to the future.


It is the heart of the wedding, don’t be afraid to have some fun with planning your day.

This is your wedding.


Your guests are coming because they love you and feel honoured that you have chosen to share your wedding day with them. We will encourage you to be personal in the choices you make so that everyone remembers your wedding day.

We take care of all things legal

We help take the stress out thinking about your ceremony. Some couples find the legal side of things quite overwhelming, don’t worry about that as it is our role to look after all things legal and help you understand what we do and why we do it.


To find out more about the legal stuff have a look here > Marriages- Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria


We Rehearse

Rehearsals help to settle the nerves, give the bridal party  an opportunity to  ‘choreograph’ their ceremony and helps to ensure we will get the best from your venue.

On the Day

Your chosen celebrant will bring our equipment including a professional PA system (Chiayo 505), with built in CD player and MP3  enabling couples to play their own music at their ceremony. We will turn up early to ensure everything flows smoothly and we are all happy. Your ceremony will be delivered with confidence and clarity.


After the ceremony we will stay and make sure that everything is packed up and then leave you to celebrate your marriage! 

After the wedding we’ll ensure you have a transcript of your ceremony.

Registry-Style Wedding

Some couples prefer a more low key wedding ceremony. This may be because they desire fewer guests, less fuss, to not have a long period leading up to their wedding day, or for financial reasons they prefer something small.  Therefore couples often decide to be married in a Government Registry Office. However, a lovely ceremony with little fuss can be done at a venue of  choice, and adding a few more personal touches than a Government Registry Office can offer.

If you are considering a Registry style wedding please give me a call. We would be happy to help you plan a simple personal and beautiful ceremony for a comparable cost to a registry office (The Victoria Marriage Registry office  charges between $270 and $340).

Other Services 
Funeral Services

With compassion, sensitivity and understanding, we will create an authentic and personal service for your loved one.

Re-Commitment ceremonies (Re-affirmation or Renewal of Vows)

Couples often choose a very special anniversary to celebrate their  re-commitment to one another. However some couples, for various reasons and sometimes no reason at all, just want to publicly celebrate their renewed commitment.

As with a wedding ceremony, we are able to design a ceremony that is relevant to you.  Coffees, email phone calls are all part of the creating process, and has the capability to be lots of fun.

Naming ceremonies

How wonderful to welcome and celebrate a new addition to your family. A Naming Ceremony is alternative to a traditional Christening. Parents, godparents, mentors, sibilings and grandparents  can all participate in this very special ceremony.

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